Meet Yali's Family

Your Patient Hero for the Family Guidance and Bereavement Program

From the moment she was born, Yali had to fight. Her mom, Lladira, remembers that her tiny baby was constantly picking up colds and other viruses. But even in the midst of her illnesses, Yali was a bright, happy baby.

Meet Effy

Your Patient Hero for Cancer Research

Two-year-old Effy’s mom and dad were helping her put on her pajamas before bed when they noticed a lump on her side. 

“We went to the doctor who did blood work,” recalls Effy’s mom, Jennifer. “We then got a call from Packard Children’s that they wanted to see us. We felt confusion, denial, and fear as we drove to Palo Alto, unprepared for what was about to happen. We sat in an exam room while the doctors told us that our 2-year-old had leukemia.”

Meet Isabel

Your Patient Hero for the Children's Fund

“Isabel is an incredible source of inspiration in my life,” Isabel’s brother, Robert explains. “She goes through a half-dozen therapy sessions a week and is in a special needs program at school, but she doesn’t let that faze her and still finds a way to be happy and enjoy the opportunities she has.”