How to thank your donors

Now that #Scamper2016 is complete, be sure to thank your donors and supporters. A little "thank you" goes a long way, especially when you start fundraising for next year! If you need a list of your donors and their email addresses, log in to your Scamper fundraising page and click the "Donations" tab. 

Here are some easy ways to say thanks:


#1: Use this "thank you" email templatE

Use our thank you email template and customize it with your personal message.


#2: SHARE our "thank you" image

Right click and save the image below to share on social media and in your email. It's a quick and easy way to share your Scamper gratitude with your supporters.


#3: SHARE OUR official scamper photos

Check out the official race photos and find photos of yourself and your team! You can download your photos for free.


#4: Share our official Scamper video


Thank you for your tremendous support and for helping to make the 6th annual Summer Scamper our best event yet!